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ignite your inner goddes

a Boudoir session is a luxury photo experience

A Boudoir session is a luxury photo experience done in a bedroom or romantic setting to enhance the feeling of romance and richness. We have a professional photogrpahy studio that is comfortable & equipped for a luxury photoshoot experience.  A boudoir photography session is more than a photoshoot in lingerie, it is a reminder that you are unique and beautiful in more ways than meets the camera lens.

We will ensure that you are feeling relaxed and that your photo session becomes a memorable experience. I will navigate you to our FAQ page which will prepare you for your Boudoir Photoshoot experience.

A Boudoir Potoshoot can be a unique gift to your partner, a celebration of important milestones and memories, a self rediscovery, a wedding gift, but most importantly a celebration of you.

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Ask yourself?

When was the last time you really felt good and sexy in your own skin?

Celebrated your Uniqueness?

Had some moments just for yourself?

Looked at your very own portraits and was amazed by the way you looked?

Are you wondering why you should do it?

Welcome, you have come to the right spot...

“Allow the full moon to shower you with feminine luster. You are the goddess incarnate. You are spirit in body.”

― Amy Leigh Mercree

Ignite your inner Goddess.

I am Tracy Derazon the owner of  Madame Boudoir  Photography. We specialize in boudoir and beauty photography for ALL women.

This passion started out as I experienced just how much Boudoir Photography can change one’s self-image and the joy that this type of photography brings. It is such a meaningful celebration of your body and fully embracing & appreciating it with all its flaws.  What is truly amazing about Boudoir photography is how it boosts a women’s confidence, allowing us to see and appreciate how beautiful we really are, inside and out, a moment in time that is yours, stored and captured forever.

Whether outdoor or indoor, in your home, a studio or hotel, a rooftop, in a forest or on a beach at sunset - you can count on magnificent photos of you, expertly posed and beautifully captured.

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How Can I Ever Hope To Look Like These Women You Show? I Am Not A Model!

All the women we photograph are REAL WOMEN, real smiles, real curves, expertly posed.

Where will you take the photos?

Wherever you are comfortable.  We have a professional studio that is private to you on the day of your booking.

AirBNB’s are a place to rent where we can have our photoshoot (fabulous idea/perk: get glammed up for the photoshoot, pampered during the shoot, then use the hotel with your partner or a group of girlfriends for a glorious ‘staycation’ getaway).

For clients preferring our venue, this will be included in the price package of your option. I also use a B&B that has the preferred facilities to ensure that your day is spectacular, memorable, and comfortable.

What Should I Wear?

During our consultation, we will discuss what makes YOU feel sexy when choosing what to wear and what you are comfortable to take photos in.  The consultation briefing will also include your own inspirational photographic ideas.

Will you photoshop my images?

OF COURSE! Photoshop is our best friend, and the reason why the photos you see here have a polished and editorial/cinematic sort of look.

With that said, I do know that I want women to see themselves as the most beautiful version of themselves AS THEY ARE in the moment - and so as a rule I do NOT do anything more than remove blemishes and distractions (anything that you would not have on your skin in a couple of weeks).

With regards to cellulite (which just about EVERY woman has), with the correct lighting and we can eliminate most cellulite.  If required, we will add a bit more skin smoothing.

Is hair and makeup provided?

Yes.  Our Silver package does not include professional hair, only make up.  Hair can be included at an additional price, please see our price list.

How Does Payment Work?

You have a choice of various packages that you will choose. Once you have chosen your particular package, we require a 70% upfront payment. Remaining 30% to be paid before handover of pictures, books, or any additional extras.

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